Maple Sugaring Activities Sequel

Danielle sent me video clips from the big maple sugaring day activities so I have made it into a video for everyone to see. This included footage of the Native American Games station that was not in the previous movie as well as footage of other students as they move through the stations.  Enjoy!


About bguzzetta

I am a middle school math and science teacher at Allendale Columbia School. Technology and the outdoors are integral parts of my curriculum. I love outdoor activities, which I enjoy with my family. I have always felt that students should be exposed to global research, and am very excited to be bringing this to my students with the support of school. Therefore, I have embarked on a journey that includes a collaboration between myself, the Seneca Park Zoo, the Smithsonian Institute, and National Geographic's photographer David Liittschwager. Sports have always been part of my life, and I am the current Girls Vice President for the Rochester District Youth Soccer League.
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2 Responses to Maple Sugaring Activities Sequel

  1. Steve says:

    very very admirable….commendable….cool!….that you are doing this Beth! Proud my kids can be a part of it. Hopefully it will become a yearly tradition…marks the trees give some a break…lots of science….hydrometers…I have a refractometer around here somewhere! So pleased you are taking advantage of our campus jewels.
    Steve and fam.

    • bguzzetta says:

      Thanks, Steve. A new AC tradition has been born! I am already planning next year’s project. Quinn is helping me collect sap this week due to the big run, and he and my crew are going to take part in boiling it down later in the week. I’d love to borrow your refractometer next year. Maybe you can be part of next year’s big boiling day.

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